The Best Songs by The Doors

In today’s article, we count down five of the best and most popular songs by the iconic American rock band, The Doors. When we talk about active bands in the ’60s and the ’70s, I can’t help but feel that The Doors are not talked about enough.

With some pretty beautiful and controversial songs, this influential band is known for the eccentric lyrics and stage presence of the lead vocalist, Jim Morrison, among other things. These are five of the best songs by The Doors that any rock fan would like.

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A disclaimer before we proceed: this list is in no way, the definitive list of their best songs. These entries are based on the author’s subjective opinions.

Roadhouse Blues

Five Best Songs by The Doors

“Roadhouse Blues” is – as you might’ve guessed from the title – a blues rock song that clearly shows how influential blues music was to this band. With the classic sound of harmonica, excellent guitar riffs, and a solo, this song is probably the most popular one in their album, Morrison Hotel.

Jim Morrison’s vocals are another great part of this song along with the instrumental, and its lyrics consist of various iconic lines such as: “The future is uncertain but the end is always near.”

People are Strange

Five Best Songs by The Doors

“People Are Strange” could very well be one of The Doors’ most popular songs. Despite its short length of 2 minutes and 10 seconds, it delivers some of their greatest lyrics.

This short song is about how a mentally wounded person perceives the world and how they grew to see society and people as “strange” or hostile. Its lyrics are actually relatively easier to understand than some other songs by The Doors, and the song as a whole is one that many people will be able to relate to.

Break on Through (To the Other Side)

Featured on their self-titled debut album, The Doors, “Break on Through (To the Other Side)” features another one of my favorite vocal performances by Jim Morrison. It’s more of a hard rock song than many others by The Doors, and the lyrics are also quite amazing.

I won’t explain the meaning of the song in detail here but the use of metaphors and how it tells of Morrison’s psychedelic drug use is excellent. Many consider this song to be one of their best, if not the best.

Riders on the Storm

Featured on one of their better-known and popular albums, L.A. Woman, “Riders on the Storm” is another beautifully written song with lyrics that seem quite personal to Jim Morrison.

It’s unfortunate that Morrison tragically passed away a few weeks after recording this song. This is the final song he wrote and recorded.

The song partly tells the story of a hitchhiker serial killer, and also a nod to a screenplay he wrote. It also tells of the philosophical concept of a German thinker named Martin Heidegger, which tells of how we are born into this world without consent and how we don’t know anything about it as we’re thrown into it.

The End

“The End” is one of my favorite songs by The Doors. Featured on their debut album, this long ballad of more than ten minutes is one of those songs that was considered to be rather controversial because of its lyrics that reference Oedipus Rex’s tale by Sophocles. It also features poetic and metaphorical verses that Jim Morrison was known for.

It’s a great song that reveals its true meaning the more you listen to it and analyze its lyrics. “The End” was also featured in the iconic war film, Apocalypse Now by Coppola.

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