Most Iconic Vehicles from Films

In this article, let us explore the most iconic vehicles from popular films that remain widely recognizable and memorable to this day.

Many movies feature certain objects that become immensely popular among viewers, and automobiles are a common type of iconic machinery in all sorts of media.

If you’re a fan of unique, customized, and distinctive automobiles, this list of the most iconic vehicles from films will introduce you to some new films to watch (or rewatch).

The DeLorean – Back to the Future

Five Iconic Vehicles from Films

The DMC DeLorean, which is a real-life sports car, became even more popular after its sci-fi depiction in Back to the Future. The film portrays this iconic car as a time machine that can travel through time when it accelerates to 88 miles per hour.

There’s various equipment fitted to the back of the car. It’s also equipped with a “flux capacitor,” which is the part of the car that makes it possible for it to travel through time.

The Pursuit Special – Mad Max

Five Iconic Vehicles from Films

The Pursuit Special was originally a masterfully modified and upgraded police pursuit car driven by Max Rockatansky. This menacing black Ford Falcon GT features a supercharger that is very noticeable and memorable once seen.

Personally, this has got to be my favourite car in any movie because of its legendary status and how iconic it looks. It’s also featured in the Mad Max video game.

Ghost Rider’s Chopper – Ghost Rider

This bike was originally a Panhead Chopper motorcycle, but as Johnny Blaze transforms into the incendiary and terrifying Ghost Rider, his beloved Chopper mutates with him. This demonic variant of the bike looks like an artifact straight out of the fiery depths of hell, and it blazes the road it rides upon, leaving a trail of hellfire.

Mustang Boss 429 – John Wick

I feel as if this iconic muscle car that belongs to the deadly assassin, John Wick, is not praised enough. Sure, it’s not heavily customised or altered like the previous entries of the list. But with the way John truly cares about this automobile and how important it is to him, it deserves a mention. Engineered in 1969 and 1970, this is a rare and expensive machine that’s truly a classic muscle car.

Lightning McQueen – Cars

I think the majority of us, who might prefer various types of films, can agree that Pixar movies are truly magnificent. Cars is a film about… cars and races, but it also features great characters and epic narratives.

The main character of the Cars franchise is Lightning McQueen, a ridiculously fast and cocky race car that is very much sentient. As an automobile and a great character, I believe that McQueen had earned his spot on this list.

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